Research Separates the Innovator from the Imitator — bone density

DuraPlex Technical Bulletin

Posted by Eileen Phethean on

Kentucky Equine Research Technical Bulletin The Effect of DuraplexTM Supplementation on Bone Density in Thoroughbred horses subjected to either an increasingly strenuous exercise program or complete stall confinement Introduction Duraplex is a proprietary mixture of nutrients which is designed to improve bone density in horses. It contains minerals and vitamins known to play a role in bone formation as well as a source of milk basic proteins (MBP). In rats, dogs and humans MBP have been shown to stimulate osteoblastic collagen production (IGF-1 up-regulation) and suppress bone destruction by osteoclast cells (cysteine-protease inhibitor). Studies conducted in Japan with exercised Thoroughbreds...

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