Research Separates the Innovator from the Imitator — alpha-tocopherol

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Form of α-tocopherol affects vitamin E bioavailability in Thoroughbred horses J.D. Pagan, M. Lennox, L. Perry, L. Wood, L.J. Martin, C. Whitehouse, and J. Lange Kentucky Equine Research, Versailles, Kentucky 40383,USA     Introduction   Vitamin E functions as a biological antioxidant, preventing the oxidation of unsaturated lipid materials within cellular and subcellular membranes by neutralizing production of free radicals. Supplemental vitamin E may be beneficial in horses experiencing oxidative stress such as during parturition and exercise (Hargreaves et al., 2007) and for horses at risk of certain types of neurological diseases (Mayhew et al., 1987; Blythe and Craig, 1993)....

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