Feeding Tips

Introduce New Supplements Gradually

When introducing a new supplement to the diet, it is important to approach the task strategically with consideration given to the individual horse’s appetite, preferences, and current ration. The amount and type of feedstuffs the supplement will be combined with can help determine the best technique for introduction. In many cases, it is prudent to introduce supplements at half the recommended amount, gradually increasing to the full serving or loading dose. Mix all supplements thoroughly until they are evenly incorporated throughout the meal.

Blend Well

Powdered or meal supplements mix best with textured feeds or mashes. Add supplements just before feeding when mixing with liquids or oil. Some pelleted feedstuffs may benefit from added moisture to help the powder or meal coat the pellets for even distribution. 

Pelleted supplements tend to be easier to mix with all types of feedstuffs, although a gradual introduction is still advised, especially for horses with poor appetites or selective taste. Liquid supplements can also be administered with an oral syringe in place of mixing with feed, and can be mixed with applesauce or water for easy dosing.

Picky Eaters

If a horse refuses a supplement, it is best to reduce the amount mixed with feed or, in some cases, discontinue use for several days before reintroducing a smaller amount. Top-dressing feed with a small amount of oil, molasses, textured feed, or applesauce may also help improve palatability.

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Still Having Trouble?

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