The proper balance of vitamins and minerals in the body is critical for growth, health, and longevity of the horse. Well-balanced nutrition is extremely important in managing all types of horses, but supplying optimal nutrient intake without providing excess calories to those with low energy needs, particularly those with metabolic issues, can be especially challenging. Equine diets are commonly found to be lacking in trace minerals, including selenium, as well as vitamin E.

Which solution is right for your horse?

Micro-Max™ Ration fortifier. Micro-Max is a low-intake concentrated source of vitamins and minerals for mature horses. Micro-Max is ideal for horses that maintain body weight on diets of forage and small amounts of concentrate. The use of Micro-Max ensures that all vitamin and mineral requirements of mature horses and ponies are satisfied. Because of its low feeding rate, Micro-Max can be fed by itself or mixed with a concentrate.

Nano-E® Nanodispersed, liquid natural-source vitamin E supplement. Nano-E provides a highly bioavailable natural (d-α-tocopherol), water soluble source of vitamin E to horses through a unique delivery system. Recommended for horses that spend a significant portion of their time in stalls or otherwise confined, performance horses, horses whose forage intake is largely from hay rather than pasture, those with neurological problems, undergoing stressful events, and convalescent horses.

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