Restore® SR

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Slow-release electrolyte supplement
How often should you reorder?
Product size Number of horses Reorder every
Travel Pack 1 3 weeks
4.5 kg 1 21 weeks
2 10 weeks
3 7 weeks
4 5 weeks
5 4 weeks
18 kg 6 14 weeks
8 10 weeks
10 8 weeks
20 4 weeks

What is Restore SR?

Restore SR contains the latest technology in electrolyte therapy, including a proprietary slow-release mechanism that allows sodium to be released gradually into the gastrointestinal tract for sustained absorption.

Feeding a concentrated electrolyte dose causes an immediate surge in blood electrolyte levels. That’s the desired effect, right? Yes, but a concentrated dose also stimulates increased excretion of electrolytes, flushing out the electrolytes you just fed and shortchanging the horse of vital supplementation. When sodium is delivered slowly over a period of time, it is fully absorbed and utilized by the body. Restore® SR helps horses retain the electrolytes you provide so they can replenish their reserves in the most optimal manner—slowly.

Guaranteed Analysis

Per  30 g


6,900 mg


14,400 mg


3,990 mg


510 mg

Why should I use Restore SR for my horse

  • Delivers the key electrolytes sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium to replace what is lost in sweat
  • May reduce the risk of conditions such as dehydration, muscular weakness, overheating, tiredness, and poor performance
  • Sugar-free formula

How do I use Restore SR

Adjust dose according to sweat loss and work intensity. Divide daily amount fed equally among meals and mix well. Feed Restore SR after competition, work, or in any situation in which the horse has sweated. In addition to Restore SR, all horses should have free-choice access to a salt block and water. The following recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 1,100 lb (500 kg) and should be adjusted accordingly. Serving size: 30 g (30-g scoop included)

Trainers and managers should adhere to the regulations set forth by specific racing jurisdictions prior to using any feed additives or supplements. HISA Compliance

Daily Intake Workload Level of Sweating
30-60 g Light work Visible sweat
60-90 g Moderate work Dripping sweat
90-120 g Heavy work Extended sweating

What do others say about Restore SR

“Restore SR replenishes the electrolytes lost during training and competition with a unique scientific formula that allows maximum benefits and maximum absorption.” 
-Chester Weber, World Champion Combined Driver

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