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Bone mineralization supplement

What is DuraPlex?

DuraPlex is a bone mineralization supplement that contains a unique mixture of nutrients specifically designed to support optimal bone growth.

How often should you reorder?
Serving size Number of horses Reorder every
60 g 1 9 weeks
2 4 weeks
120 g 1 4 weeks

DuraPlex is a proprietary blend of specific proteins, minerals and vitamins scientifically proven to increase bone mineral density and bone area in both performance and growing horses. Studies at Kentucky Equine Research with exercised Thoroughbreds showed positive changes in bone quality after just one month of supplementation. DuraPlex® was also shown to prevent the natural demineralization that occurs when access to free-choice exercise is restricted such as when young horses enter a training environment or during stall rest due to injury.

Guaranteed Analysis

per 120 g


10,000 mg


5,000 mg


2,000 mg


60 mg


120 mg


100 mg

Vitamin A

5,000 IU

Vitamin D

4,000 IU

Why should I use DuraPlex for my horse
  • Helps to maintain healthy bone metabolism, tissue, and structure in performance horses
  • Provides the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for strong bone development
  • Supports bone quality of young horses entering training during high-risk transitional and early stages of training
  • Special protein source stimulates bone collagen production while suppressing bone destruction, resulting in an increase in bone density and area
  • Prevents bone loss in situations in which bone naturally demineralizes, such as when limited or no turnout is available including stall rest due to injury
  • Provides specialized postsurgical nutritional support

How do I use DuraPlex

For support of optimal bone health, feed 60 g per day. For horses in need of additional support, feed 120 g per day. Top-dress on feed. For best results, divide between grain meals.

In racehorses, we recommend stopping this product 24 hours prior to racing. Why?

What do others say about DuraPlex

I have used DuraPlex for postsurgical cases in need of proper bone support. DuraPlex helped to supply the essential compounds for proper bone remodeling and repair. It supports the healing process and allows the horse to meet its potential as a performance horse.
-Duncan F. Peters, D.V.M., M.S.


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