Race Recovery™

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Racing optimized electrolyte.

Technical Review Bulletin

Race Recovery provides targeted electrolyte supplementation for intensely worked equine athletes given furosemide, supporting a quick rebound from hard work.

How often should you reorder?
Product size, serving Number of horses Reorder every
Post-race pack 1 3-4 weeks*
18 kg at 60g per day 4 10 weeks
6 7 weeks
8 5 weeks
10 4 weeks
*Average interval between races

Race Recovery Paste and Powder are innovative electrolyte supplements designed speci­fically for horses given furosemide. Use of furosemide causes electrolyte loss and imbalance through increased urination. When coupled with the electrolyte losses that occur naturally with sweating, total electrolyte depletion can be signi­ficant following intense exercise. Without proper electrolyte replenishment, complete physiological recovery may be delayed, setting the stage for longer intervals between races.

Race Recovery reduces the downtime between bouts of intense exercise by replacing key electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium. Research at Kentucky Equine Research (KER) found that horses given furosemide require additional supplementation following exertion to maintain optimal electrolyte balance.

Why should I use Race Recovery?

In a series of studies conducted by KER, researchers measured the effect of furosemide on urine and fecal excretion of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride in unexercised and exercised mature Thoroughbred geldings. They found furosemide administration dramatically increased the urinary excretion of several minerals. Horses intensely exercised following furosemide administration could not efficiently replace electrolytes, including calcium, through normal dietary means. Race Recovery was formulated based on these findings to provide complete, optimally timed electrolyte replacement for intensely worked horses given furosemide.

  • Provides horses exercised on furosemide with targeted electrolyte supplementation
  • Includes highly digestible forms of calcium and magnesium, two key minerals
  • Palatable paste and powder formulas ensure consumption

How do I use Race Recovery?

Administer one tube (60 g) of Race Recovery Paste one to two hours after racing, or as soon as the horse returns to its stall, and a second tube later that night or the morning following the race. Beginning the day after the race, feed one scoop (60 g) of Race Recovery Powder twice a day mixed thoroughly in feed as the horse’s daily electrolyte supplement.

For example:
Post-race return to stable: Give 1 Race Recovery Paste
Dinner: Top-dress 60g Race Recovery Powder on meal
Late night/early next morning: Give 1 Race Recovery Paste
Next 5 days: Give 60g Race Recovery powder twice a day top-dressed on feed
Regular training: Give 60g Race Recovery Powder per day top-dressed on feed

Trainers and managers should adhere to the regulations set forth by specific racing jurisdictions prior to using any feed additives or supplements. HISA Compliance

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