MFM Pellet™

MFM Pellet™

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For more information contact or call (859) 873-1988. 

How often should you reorder?
Serving size Number of horses Reorder every
240 g/day 1 5 weeks
2 3 weeks


MFM Pellet Feeding Directions

Consult your veterinarian to see if this product is appropriate for your horse. 

To ensure a successful introduction to MFM Pellet, we suggest taking a gradual approach. The recommended feeding rate is 240 g per day, or 2 scoops, twice daily. Starting with less than 1 scoop twice a day and gradually working up to the full amount over the course of 7-14 days is advised. Particularly finicky eaters may benefit from the addition of molasses, applesauce, or sweet feed to improve acceptance.

Trainers and managers should adhere to the regulations set forth by specific racing jurisdictions prior to using any feed additives or supplements. HISA Compliance

Product Characteristics

MFM Pellet has a strong, distinct smell that is characteristic of concentrated amino acids and N-acetyl cysteine. A blend of natural and artificial flavors is added to improve the smell and taste of the product. Regardless of the smell, the horses at Kentucky Equine Research consume it readily during palatability trials.

If you have followed these recommendations and the horse refuses to eat MFM Pellet, please contact the KER Customer Care Team at

While we cannot accept returns of opened products, store credit may be issued for products originally purchased from Kentucky Equine Research.

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